SNOM-Expansion Module V2.0

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The SNOM-Expansion Module V2.0 has 42 DSS Keys

The SNOM-Expansion Module V2.0 has a None Main LCD

SNOM Expansion Module V2.0: expanding the power of SNOM IP Phones

For companies that need to extend the functionality of their existing Snom 320 and 370 VoIP phones, the SNOM Expansion Module has the perfect qualification. Built for high performance, this expansion module features multi functional keys plus easy installation

Up to 3 SNOM-Expansion Modules can be combined with one IP Phone, allowing the highest possible combination of multi functional keys. Physically connecting each expansion module is easy, using a daisy chain method as described in the instruction manual. Each expansion module comes with 42 fully programmable keys. Each key is accompanied by LEDs for easy visual indication. When 3 of these expansion modules are connected side by side, the total usable keys is increased to 138 buttons. Add that to the existing buttons found on the Snom VoIP Phone series in order to obtain a total of 138 fully customisable key buttons. Each button also has a label

Programming of the individual keys in the expansion module is relatively easy. Thanks to the integrated web interface, configuration of the key buttons can be done conveniently according to user preferences. Each key can be assigned different independent functions, such as Call Ringing, Call on Hold, Call Connected, Line State, Destination, Intercom, Park Orbit and Voice Recorder mapping. Each status can be easily recognised through the LEDs that sit beside each key button.

The SNOM Expansion Module is most appealing to users who consider themselves as heavy phone users. For key personnel who have rather high call coverage like call centre agents and administrative staff, this expansion module can be their best companion yet. They would surely benefit from the flexible features and the presence of quick to access keys

One slight inconvenience with handling the SNOM Expansion Module has to do with the initial installation procedure. In order to make it integrate with the SNOM IP phone, the phone itself must be running firmware version 6.5.15 or 7.1.30. Users who have no good knowledge of technical stuff like firmware will find it difficult dealing with this issue, so therefore it is best left for the system administrator to handle. However, this only happens once, and upon correct installation, should work without issues from then on. Programming of the individual keys can be assigned to the phone user due to simple to follow instructions. Overall, the SNOM Expansion Module can do a lot to increase the productivity needs of the company

For further SNOM Expansion Module features please click here for the data sheet

More Information
Warranty 12 Months Warranty
Main LCD None
DSS Keys 42
Power Options Via Phone
AC PSU Included No
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