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Aastra is a leading manufacturer of cheap IP phones. They are committed to open-standards based solutions that are compatible with a variety of PBX systems, including those offered by other manufacturers more


Cisco SPA IP Phones are cheap voip phones, reliable and feature rich. They are both stylishly designed and intuitively operated, delivering advanced voice over IP features more


Gigaset produce Cheap SIP Phones that have a tradition of high quality and provide their customers with only the very best products. All Gigaset IP phones and accessories are thoroughly tested before leaving the factory ensuring that you can trust that they will be reliable for many years more


Grandstream has been in the industry since 2002 offering feature rich cheap ip phones to the VoIP industry. Their extensive knowledge has led them to become one of the leading manufacturers of cheap voip phones more


Polycom are market leaders when it comes to audio communication devices. Their range of cheap IP phones will not disappoint those accustomed to the superior sound quality expected from Polycom products. Their IP products range from cheap IP phones to corporate grade IP conference units more


SNOM is a German company founded in 1996. They have established themselves as one of the pioneers within the Voice over IP industry, developing and producing cheap IP phones which are based on the SIP open standard more


Yealink is professional designer and manufacturer of cheap voip phones and Yealink IP video phones for the world-wide broadband telephony market. Yealink products are fully compatible with the SIP industry standard, and have broad interoperability with the major IP-PBX, softswitch and IMS on the market today. High-quality, easy to use and affordable price-are what Yealink strive all the time to meet more


Understanding the Benefits of Cheap VoIP Phones


Nearly 75% of all business telephones will be voice over ip-enabled by 2016. This growth will come in the main from forward thinking small businesses, keen to achieve competitive advantage through increased efficiencies

Your business is probably like many others, you and your staff spend a lot of time and effort in an attempt to look bigger and better. You understand the value of having an impressive looking website and professional marketing collatoral. You subscribe to short term flexible services ensuring that you have the freedom to change these dependant upon demand. You lead by example and set high standards for your staff. You are proud of your company and the products and services that you provide. It is important to project a strong image and you work hard to achieve this

VoIP is fast becoming the single most important improvement a company can make in their attempt to become leaner and meaner than their competitors. VoIP will allow you to employ a geographically disparate work force ensuring that costs are kept down whilst maintaining control over all inbound and outbound communication. You will adopt new methods and practices made possible by the wealth of features now available to you 

No matter how big your company is, cheap voip phones will provide you with a flexible, affordable technology that offers the same level of sophisticated communication tools that are enjoyed by the big corporates

Over the years, many business organisations have appreciated the benefits of cheap ip phones as an alternative provider of telephone services. With the internet being more and more accessible to people where ever they go, it’s no wonder companies who design communication equipment are integrating these connectivity platform into their products

There are actually many reasons why cheap ip phones are many times better than the traditional telephone line. Understanding the benefits of cheap voip phones is important before a company decides to migrate to using them

The first major advantage of cheap ip phones is the cost. With a traditional phone, your monthly fees depend on whether you use your phone for local, national or international calls. National long distance calls are charged at a certain rate per minute call, while international calls are charged even higher. On the other hand, VoIP service providers charge their customers by the second, provide more competitive national and international call tariffs and reduce the cost, or in some cases eliminate the cost, of subscribing to multiple channels

Most VoIP providers nowadays offer many add on features that are present in public phone systems, which are often free of charge and included in the trunk subscription charge. Such features include call waiting, call forwarding, three-way calling, and caller ID. For public phone systems, these services can also be offered, but with additional charge to the monthly rate

There are other benefits of cheap voip phones that are appealing for business applications. With a traditional phone line, your assign number is fixed on your location, meaning you cannot bring it with you anywhere especially when you move cross country. But in the case of cheap voip phones, you can simply plug your device to any internet line and start making calls, anywhere across the globe. You can virtually check for voicemails anywhere you go, allowing quick and real time collaboration among offices that are distributed in different locations. Better yet, you can install special software on your laptops that would allow you to make calls using an earphone and speaker or headset, without the need to bring along a phone with you

cheap voip phones offer a lot more productive features than ordinary office phones. Cheap voip phones take office telephony to greater heights in terms of how colleagues are able to collaborate with each other. Along with the advanced security features and multi user configuration, businesses from all levels would soon find themselves totally doing away with the traditional public phone system in favour of the cheap voip phone system

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