Snom MeetingPoint Expansion Microphones

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The very first VoIP conference telephone from Snom is finally here and to make this even better, Snom have released the Snom MeetingPoint Expansion Microphones which allows you to extend the overall audio radius of your conference by up to as much as 70m2. These extension microphones also come complete with OmniSound software which will detect any other microphones in the area automatically which means it can extend even further.

Snom MeetingPoint Expansion Microphones are perfectly suited for business, offices and even call centres and now anyone can enjoy the freedom and mobility that the Snom MeetingPoint Expansion Microphones provide during conference calls. The Snom MeetingPoint device can handle 5-way conference calls at any one time and also provides multiple SIP registrations.

Before you can use the Snom MeetingPoint Expansion Microphones, it is important that you first have the Snom MeetingPoint device as this is how the extension microphones will function. The MeetingPoint itself has a recording range of up to 30m2 so being able to extend this range is surely a benefit for anyone who deals with conference calls regularly.

Some of the key features and benefits of the Snom MeetingPoint Expansion Microphones that may interest you include:

  • Increase conference call range by up to 70m2
  • OmniSound software which will auto detect additional microphones
  • Can be used with any Snom MeetingPoint device (mandatory)
  • Crystal clear audio no matter what your distance from the MeetingPoint is
  • An inexpensive way to enjoy more freedom around the work place
  • Can help improve productivity around the work place
  • Extremely easy to use and setup in any environment
  • It's automatic so there is no need for messing with lots of configurations
  • Small in size and lightweight too. Perfect for any desk in the office
  • Helps keep your conference calls private and away from work colleagues

The Snom MeetingPoint Expansion Microphones have proven to be an extremely popular choice amongst many businesses throughout the world, so if you are looking to extend the range of your conference calls then it is definitely worth considering the Snom MeetingPoint Expansion Microphones.

The Snom MeetingPoint Expansion Microphones are also approved by some of the top safety standards and is covered by a warranty so there is no need to worry about a single thing once you've purchased this fantastic product. The future of VoIP conference calling is here!

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