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SNOM-EHS Wireless Headset Adapter

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Did You Know?

We offer FREE calls to mobiles & land lines as part of our feature rich hosted telephony service


Quick Overview

In addition to the corded SNOM headsets, the SNOM Wireless Headset Adapters are very popular in professional business environments like, for example, call centers.

The SNOM Wireless Headset Adapter, for the control of wireless headsets is the bridge between professional VoIP telephony and professional wireless headsets.

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Snom EHS Quick Start Guide
Snom EHS User Manual

SNOM-EHS Wireless Headset Adapter

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    The SNOM Wireless Headset Adapter includes the following features:
    Complete freedom of movement
    Signaling of ringtone
    Call acceptance on headset
    Call termination on headset
    Perfect integration of firmware
    vendor specific EHS protocols
    DHSG Standard
    No additional power supply required
    Easy to connect

    SNOM Wireless Headset Adapter

    When it comes to IP telephony solutions, Snom is one of the leading brands in Europe. In fact, they are one of the pioneers in the development of quality VoIP equipment and accessories. Each product from Snom is guaranteed to perform with no less than excellent ratings that are designed to meet the serious needs of the highly competitive business world

    The SNOM Wireless Headset Adapter is actually an EHS, which is short for Electronic Hookswitch Adapter. This acts as an interface between Snom VoIP phones and wireless headset units. It allows users to freely move around the office while engaged in a phone conversation, without having to be seated at the front of the desktop. It offers the flexibility required by serious phone users like call centre agents and marketing executives. With a wireless headset, the user would be able to handle calls while at the same time gathering important documents at the same time, therefore boosting productivity in the office environment

    With the SNOM Wireless Headset Adapter, users have more flexible control on how they want to manage calls. They can answer calls and terminate calls using their wireless headset, all without moving back to their office desk. They can be easily informed of incoming calls through the earpiece of their headset

    The SNOM Wireless Headset Adapter is completely compatible with a wide range of headset models, including those manufactured by Plantronics and Jabra. For best performance, Snom recommends the use of specifics model series like Savi Office WO200 and WO100, CS70N, CS60, CS351N, CS361N, Voyager 510 and System from Plantronics, as well as PRO 9400, GO 6400, GN9330, GN9350, GN9210 and GN Ellipse from Jabra. At the other end, it can provide support to different Snom IP Phone models, ranging from snom300, 320, 360, 370 to the 820, 821 and 870 series

    It can work alongside an extension panel without issues. With a tiny dimension at 70 x 41 x 23 mm, it can easily be concealed and will not cause any inconvenience for the user

    One thing that users must be aware of is with regards to the firmware. The minimum version needed is 6.5.5, although the recommended version for optimal performance is 7.x including the bootloader. Updated firmware patch can be downloaded from the official Snom website

    Overall, the SNOM Wireless Headset Adapter provides the flexibility for users to make use of a wireless headset so they won't be bothered with getting tied down with cords

Additional Information

Warranty 24 Months (Purchases Made After 31-12-2011)
Colour BLACK
Connectivity No
Noise Cancelling No
Headset Style No
Mic Boom Style No
Number Of Ear Pieces No
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