Polycom Wireless Microphones

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Designed solely for the use with the Polycom IP 6000, Polycom SoundStation2 EX, Polycom QDX 6000 and SoundStation VTX 1000 phones, the Polycom Wireless Microphones offers an innovative solution to your conference calls. By linking these wireless microphones to any of the stated conference phones, you can extend the overall microphone range by up to 10 metres, and because of their compact design, they can even reach the tightest of corners in any room

The Polycom Wireless Microphones are equipped with a Polycom HD Voice feature and this ensures all of your conference calls will be of superior quality, and with up to as much as 12 hours of talk time, these handy wireless microphones can easily cover a day’s work at the office. Don't worry when you've ran out of talk time as these wireless microphones can easily be charged to enable another 12 full hours, so there is no need to replace batteries or the likes. If necessary, you may also use AC adapters to power the microphones, which means you can go way beyond the 12 hours of talk time if you wish

There are no extra cables, which reduces clutter and since there are no extra cables, you won't need to drill any extra holes in the office wall. You can literally use these wireless microphones anywhere

Some of the amazing features and benefits of the Polycom Wireless Microphones which may interest you include:

Can easily be hooked up with a variety of different conference phones
Up to as much as 12 hours of talk time for every charge
Can be used with an AC adaptor to extend the talk time if necessary
Equipped with a Polycom HD voice feature for superior sound quality
You can extend the microphone-to-phone by up to as much as 30 feet
There are no additional cables or wires which make them convenient
Complete with a mute button that mutes all microphones which are connected
Extremely easy to setup and use in any environment

If you are looking to extend your conference calls, whether for privacy or just general convenience, then the Polycom Wireless Microphones are a perfect solution. They are perfectly suited for conference rooms with U-shaped table layouts or other unusual setups, simply because they can be used anywhere without the hassle of additional cables and wires

These wireless microphones are also equipped with LED status indicators which inform you of the status of the power, talk, mute and link. Everything you need for a good and reliable conference call is right here, so if you haven't considered these wireless microphones yet then it may be worth doing so now. Just think of all the amazing features you’re missing out on!

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