Plantronics DuoPro H171N


The Plantronics DuoPro H171N has a Flex Boom Arm Mic Boom Style

The Plantronics DuoPro H171N supports Noise Cancelling

Plantronics DuoPro H171N Datasheet

Plantronics DuoPro H171N

– Your Perfect Office Desk Choice

With the passage of time the voice quality of headsets has improved a lot. With the latest technology innovations, the voice clarity of headsets has become better and better. Background environmental noise has reduced a lot with the introduction of more than one mic found on the Plantronics DuoPro H171N. This is the reason that the voice clarity of Plantronics headsets is clearer and crisper than most other headsets available on the market. The use of the Plantronics DuoPro H171N will noticeably improve the performance of your phone calls

When using the Plantronics DuoPro H171N it is easy for office workers to do multi-tasking in their office. The Plantronics DuoPro H171N is the perfect choice for people looking for easy and flexible ways to do their office work. This professional headset is available on the market and is one of the most fashionable and modern headsets that one can wear behind the head. The over the ear design of the Plantronics DuoPro H171N has been specially designed to provide ease of use for office workers. The unique and comfortable look of this amazing headset is also the basic reason for its popularity

The Plantronics DuoPro H171N headband is designed in such a way that it works well with the existing over the ear style headset. The designers of the Plantronics DuoPro H171N have ensured that the ear loop of the headset does not get pressed against the user’s ear. The basic difference between the Plantronics DuoPro H171 and the Plantronics DuoPro H171N is the noise cancelling feature. In the Plantronics DuoPro H171N the latest technology is used so that it is convenient for the users of this headset to control the background noise. People who are looking for a stylish and fashionionable headset to use in their offices should look no further as the Plantronics DuoPro H171N is one of the best headsets by far

The best part is that this amazing headset comes with the two years warranty. The head style of the Plantronics DuoPro H171N is convertible and the Mic boom style is a Flex Boom Arm. The number of ear pieces attached to this headset is one and is therefore described as a monaural headset. This is a light weight headset weighing just 19 grams. This headset is the perfect solution for people who need to multitask during their office work

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More Information
Warranty 12 Months Warranty
Connectivity Wired
Noise Cancelling Yes
Headset Style Convertible
Mic Boom Style Flex Boom Arm
Number Of Ear Pieces One (Monaural)
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