Jabra-LINK 14201-20 EHS Adapter

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The Jabra LINK 14201-20 EHS Adapter is one of the leading innovations in EHS technology that allows for remote Electronic Hook Switch Control (EHS) with a range of Jabra wireless headsets and Alcatel, Avaya, Shortel and Toshiba phones. With this great little device, you will be able to answer and end phone calls, adjust call volumes and hear ring tones up to as much as 150 metres away from your work desk

Setting up the Jabra LINK 14201-20 EHS Adapter is extremely easy and a full set of instructions are included. It's more or less a plug-and-play device so you shouldn't have any issues with setup. Before you do purchase this EHS adapter though, please ensure that your desk phone / headset is compatible. Again, all Jabra wireless headsets are supported, as are a range of Alcatel, Avaya, Shortel and Toshiba phones

Some of the great features and benefits of the Jabra LINK 14201-20 EHS Adapter which may interest you include:

  • Answer and end calls quickly and easily
  • You can adjust the volume of calls at the touch of a button
  • Muting the microphone on your desk phone or headset is easy
  • You can hear the phone ring tone in your headset for incoming calls
  • Control your calls directly from your Jabra headset up to 150 m away from your desk
  • It's super easy to setup and install in any office / work place
  • Provides a more reliable and stable connectivity that previous versions and competing brands

This Jabra EHS Adapter allows for complete freedom and mobility, and with this said, it improves overall work productivity throughout the day which is essential for any busy work environment such as an office or call centre. Although it doesn't allow for conference calling, it is focused directly on one-on-one voice conversations where the caller/receiver can manage their calls much more effectively

If you are looking for a solution that will allow you to manage calls remotely away from your desk by up to as much as 150 metres, then this is the tool you’ve been waiting for. It’s inexpensive, completely reliable and backed up by numerous reviews stating its effectiveness in the work place. It also consists of a stylish, modern and compact design that will fit just about anywhere, so there is no need to make some extra space for it on your desk
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