Yealink-USB VoIP Phone - USB-M3K


The Yealink-USB VoIP Phone - USB-M3K has a None Main LCD

    The pre-loaded softphone automatically runs under Windows 2000 , XP or Vista 32bits/64bits
    Login information, contact list and chat history are stored automatically in the phone (this feature needs the softphone support).
    Independent storage memory available as portable memory drive(size: 128M/256M/1G/2G).
    Sound card is built-in, no external power supply needed

    Yealink USB M3K: bring that portable VoIP phone anywhere

    For people who want to take their IP telephony with them, the Yealink USB M3K is the perfect travel companion. With easy USB connectivity and automatic setup procedure, simply connect to any desktop PC or laptop for instant access to VoIP services anywhere

    The Yealink USB M3K is truly a plug and play device that comes with the necessary software. Plugging it into the USB port of the PC would immediately launch the preloaded setup program that is completely compatible with different versions of the Windows operating system like Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. The preloaded software allows flexible means of using the stick phone on any PC, which means it does not have to be tied down to a single PC unit

    Lightweight and compact, the Yealink USB M3K also comes with a jack for connecting a stereo earphone. It already comes with its own integrated sound card for quality audio output. It also derives power from the USB port, eliminating the need for an external power supply

    Another nice feature of the Yealink USB M3K is that it has it own internal storage for storing important information, like account info and contact list. It can also save communication logs to create a chat history. In fact, the storage can be used as a memory disk for storing user data. The storage capacity would depend on the model of the memory stick purchased, and is available in 128M, 512M, 1G and higher

    Security features are also built into the Yealink USB M3K stick. In case the stick is disconnected from the USB port for whatever reason, auto logout is issued. Furthermore, all data and settings are encrypted, making it impossible to be viewed and edited under Windows explorer. This ensures that data integrity is well maintained at all times even when the user is not logged in to his or her account

    The Yealink USB M3K fits the requirements of the user for portable VoiP computing. It can function both as a stick phone and a memory device. With such functions, it is possible to bring work on travel, allowing instant access on virtually any place that has access to the internet. The lightweight size and compactness also adds to the overall appeal of this device. Because account information and contact list is already saved in the stick memory, accessibility to such data is realised at all times
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Warranty 24 Months Warranty
Connectivity USB
Main LCD None
Power Options USB
DSS Keys 0
Speakerphone Yes
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