Sennheiser CC 540

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The Sennheiser CC 540 has a Flexible Boom Arm Mic Boom Style

The Sennheiser CC 540 supports Noise Cancelling

Sennheiser CC 540 Datasheet

Sennheiser CC 540

Sennheiser is known the world over for producing the best headsets and headphones today. Although all their products are undoubtedly reliable when it comes to performance and durability, it is strongly recommended that you purchase the Sennheiser CC 540 if you want to enjoy maximum quality

The CC 540 is one of the most advanced of the CC 500 series of headsets and it is also quite expensive at £190 per piece. However, the price tag is actually very reasonable considering all the amazing features that this device has to offer. Following are some of the most remarkable features and how they can help boost your work performance
* Binaural headset – The CC 540 provides rich, crystal-clear audio to both ears, which makes for much more understandable sound quality. This also promotes the maximum blocking out of all background noise that can reduce overall audio quality
* Durability – This headset is made especially for frequent use, such as in call centers and other communications-intensive industries. Even if you use the CC 540 for several hours a day every day of the week, you will experience no reduction in performance for a very long time
* ActiveGardTM technology – Too much headset use has been linked to hearing damage, but this happens only when the ears are exposed to acoustic shock. The ActiveGardTM technology ensures that this does not happen by protecting your ear from bursts of acoustic
* Teflon washers – These are nestled in the microphone boom adjustment, enabling you to position it precisely the way you want so that speech clarity can be optimised. In addition, the Teflon washers also enhance stability and durability of the gadget
* Large, padded ear caps – Wearing a headset for several hours can be very uncomfortable on the ears but with the Sennheiser CC 540, this is not a problem because it comes with adequate padding that even balances the pressure on the ears, minimizing discomfort
* Compatibility with all major phone systems – No matter what phone system you use, the Sennheiser CC 540 can be used without any problem at all. You just need to purchase a standard adapter cable to connect the headset to the phone
* Fully adjustable headband – The CC 540 is a “one size fits all” headset because it has a fully adjustable headband that will ensure a snug fit no matter what your head size is

By choosing the CC 540, you can be sure that your work productivity will increase immensely and that your communications with your clients and business partners will improve considerably as well

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More Information
Warranty 24 Months (No Quibble Warranty)
Connectivity Wired
Noise Cancelling Yes
Headset Style Over the head
Mic Boom Style Flexible Boom Arm
Number Of Ear Pieces Two (Binaural)
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