Sennheiser BW 900

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The Sennheiser BW 900 has a Pivotable Boom Arm Mic Boom Style

The Sennheiser BW 900 supports Noise Cancelling

Sennheiser BW 900 Datasheet

Sennheiser BW 900

With the extremely fast-paced lifestyle that many people are living these days, wireless headset devices are becoming quite essential accessories for both business and personal purposes. When wearing these devices, one can carry on a phone conversation with anyone even while doing other tasks at the same time. This is particularly useful for people who have very hectic schedules and need to make the most of the time that they have

There are many different kinds of wireless headsets available nowadays but the one that is preferred by most executives and technology critics is the Sennheiser BW 900. This handy device is fully compatible with any smart phone, most mobile phones and office desktop phones. It also works very well with any audio device that has Bluetooth such as PDAs and laptops with VoIP capabilities

The Sennheiser BW 900 is quite easy to use, despite its multifaceted features. All you have to do is hook up the power supply and charging cradle to your landline or mobile phone, and you can already use the headset to answer incoming calls

The quality of audio is superb, to say the least, and it remains crystal clear even if you are 300 feet away when using a desktop, or 40 feet away when using a mobile phone. The reason for this is because the Sennheiser BW 900 uses the most advanced Bluetooth standard and the highest broadcasting power

Another outstanding feature of the Sennheiser BW 900 that you can enjoy is the ability to swap batteries even if you are in the middle of a call. How does this work? The unique cradle charger of the device has a place where you can dock the device and a separate charging bay for an auxiliary battery, so you can actually change batteries without having your call interrupted. This is definitely a handy feature of the gadget but you probably won’t even be using it much because the Sennheiser BW 900 has a very generous talk time of up to 5 hours

Compared to many other wireless headsets, the Sennheiser BW 900 is somewhat larger and appears to be bulkier but it is surprisingly very easy to wear. It does not weigh down on the ear and is not uncomfortable at all. Since the speaker is also very good, it does not need to be jammed into your ear canal in order for you to hear well, which is what other headsets tend to do

Similarly, the microphone of the Sennheiser BW 900 is also of superior quality. Your voice will be very clear to the callers and will also be properly equalised. Of course, in order to enjoy all the benefits of the Sennheiser BW 900, you will also need to have a wired phone and a pretty sizeable budget

For further Sennheiser BW 900 Wireless Headset features please click here

For further Sennheiser BW 900 Wireless Headset features please click here

More Information
Warranty 24 Months (No Quibble Warranty)
Connectivity Bluetooth
Noise Cancelling Yes
Headset Style Over the ear
Mic Boom Style Pivotable Boom Arm
Number Of Ear Pieces One (Monaural)
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