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RTX-4002 DECT Repeater

ex vat: 41.00 £41.00 inc vat: £49.20

Quick Overview

This product has been discontinued and replaced by the RTX 4022 DECT Repeater

RTX 4002 DECT Repeater
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RTX-4002 DECT Repeater

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The RTX 4002 Repeater allows you to extend the overall range of a DECT telephone, in fact, this particular repeater can double the range of any standard DECT telephone, or up to 2.4 km with the RTX 4002 Repeater professional edition. Promising spectacular audio quality on both narrow band and wide band, the RTX 4002 Repeater is by far one of the most cost-effective and reliable repeaters on the market today and has proven to be a huge success amongst businesses from around the world, both small and large.

The RTX 4002 Repeater allows for up to 6 repeaters per single base station and each repeater can take up to 2 simultaneous calls at any one time. It is also fully equipped with an automatic registration method and 2 internal antennas for maximum signal frequency range.

Some of the features and benefits of the RTX 4002 Repeater include:

  • Worldwide DECT support which means it can be used anywhere in the world

  • Allows for you to extend the overall DECT coverage range

  • You can handle up to 2 simultaneous calls at any one time

  • Automatically handover calls between cells

  • Automatic registration method

  • Can be easily mounted on to walls if required

  • Has up to 50m of indoor frequency range and 300m outdoors

  • A receiving sensitivity of -92dBm

  • Designed in accordance with the DECT standards

  • 2 internal antennas for improved frequency range

So there we have some of the key benefits and features of the RTX 4002 Repeater. If you are looking to extend the range of your DECT telephone, then the RTX 4002 Repeater is definitely worth taking into consideration seen as it can double the overall DECT range, which can be ideal for businesses and offices.

Before you start using your RTX 4002 Repeater, it is important that you first follow the instructions which are supplied with the product itself. These instructions will ensure that you get only the best out of the RTX 4002 Repeater at all times. The instructions and setup guides are all easy to follow so you shouldn't have any difficulties in getting started.

The RTX 4002 Repeater is AC powered and AC PSU is included too. There is also a 12 month warranty on this product so if you experience any problems within that time then you could claim a new one, so there is no need to worry about a thing once you purchase this fantastic product

Below are some instructions that will help in registering a RTX repeater with Gigaset Base station



If you do not manage to successfully follow the instructions below, please RESET the Repeater and start again

To Reset The Repeater:

1. Power off repeater
2. Power on the Repeater for between 1-5 secs (ie 2 secs) then power off
3. Power on Repeater for between 25-35 secs (ie 30 secs) then power off
The Repeater should now be reset

****************** BEGIN ******************


You will be using a registered handset to perform all key presses detailed below


1. Set the repeater up near the Gigaset Base Station, then move it to its final destination later.


2. Turn on Repeater Mode through the Gigaset DECT handset, go to Menu > Settings (Spanner) > System > Repeater Mode (Encryption) - TICK

3. Now plug the power into the RTX 4002 for 1-5 seconds (ie 2 secs) and turn it off again; then turn it back on
Note: The LED on the RTX 4002 flashes SLOWLY showing that it is now in registration mode
If the LED does not flash slowly RESET repeater and start again

4. Turn on Registration on the Gigaset Base Station (Not DECT handset), using ONE of the following 3 methods:
a. In the web GUI, go to Management > Miscellaneous > Start Registration
b. On the Gigaset Base Station, press and hold the PAGE/FIND button for approximately 3-5 seconds (ie 2 secs)
c. On a Gigaset DX800A press the square Menu Button > Settings (Spanner) > Registration > Register Handset

Note: The LED on the RTX 4002 flashes quickly to show that it is in ‘learn’ mode

5. Using the DECT handset press x* (where ‘x’ is a number between 2 and 7 - This relates to the number of repeaters on the same Base Station) and the green SEND button (Green Telephone). The LED will now flash according to the repeater number you selected. WAIT until the Repeater starts to flash quickly and now press * and then the green SEND (Green Telephone) again to SAVE. The LED should now show a steady light without flashing

Note: If the LED goes back to flashing quickly then the new settings have not been saved or accepted by the RTX 4002. Repeat item 5. If the LED goes back to flashing quickly again then repeat item 5 with a different 'x'

6. Now position the RTX 4002 where required, ensuring that it is still within range of the Gigaset Base Station

****************** END ******************

For further RTX 4002 DECT Repeater features please click here

Additional Information

Warranty 12 Months Warranty
Colour BLACK
Powered AC Only
AC PSU Included Yes
Concurrent Calls Up to 2
Daisy chain support No
Range Indoor: 50m Outdoor: 300m

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