Polycom-CX300 Microsoft Lync (OCS) IP Phone

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The Polycom-CX300 Microsoft Lync (OCS) IP Phone has a 2 Line 16 Characters Main LCD

    The Polycom CX300 may look like an ordinary phone, but do not be deceived yet because it is actually a USB desktop phone that packs a lot of key features!

    Designed to look like the traditional enterprise telephone set, the Polycom CX300 is intended to make its users easily adapt to the feel and touch of a typical handset. With a full telephone keypad and handset, you can use it more comfortably because you do not need to adjust to anything new

    The main feature of the phone is that it works excellently with Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2, which is one of the most popular communication software products. Once the device has been plugged in to the computer via the USB port, you can immediately start making calls, either using the Office Communicator 2007 R2 user interface, or using the Polycom CX300 keypad and buttons. In addition, the phone comes with a two line monochrome backlit display, so you don’t have to shift your eyes between the desktop phone and the computer screen. The buttons on the phone set are also a more convenient means of control and adjustment, so you can adjust volume, do a redial, put a conversation on hold, or even mute the speakerphone. It also has a built in indicator for waiting messages and call status indicator

    The Polycom CX300 is designed to seamlessly integrate with your computer. You don’t need to download and install any software to make it work. It does not even need any driver CD prior to use. As a plug-n-play device, the Polycom CX300 is ready to use immediately after you plug it into the USB port. It was also designed to work without any technical complexities when used on a computer under Microsoft Windows XP or Vista operating system

    With regards to power supply, no worries about battery charging or battery replacements, because there is no battery in it! The Polycom CX300 derives its power requirements directly from the USB port of the computer, making it energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The accompanying USB cord also means that you do not need to purchase any other accessories before using it

    Another big plus with the Polycom CX300 is the high quality audio. Whether you use the handset or in full duplex speakerphone mode, nothing beats the wide band, crystal clear audio experience. This makes the Polycom CX300 an excellent IP communication tool for a full range of voice handling operations

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More Information
Warranty 12 Months Warranty
Connectivity USB
Main LCD 2 Line 16 Characters
Power Options USB
HD Voice No
Speakerphone Yes
Headset Interface RJ-22
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