Polycom-CX200 Microsoft Lync (OCS) IP Phone


The Polycom-CX200 Microsoft Lync (OCS) IP Phone has a None Main LCD

    For computer users who rely on Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 for their communication needs, the Polycom CX200 provides the added touch of convenience and voice quality

    The Polycom CX200 is a sleek designed desktop phone that fully integrates with Office Communicator 2007 for making calls. You can use it primarily in two ways: as a hands-free communication device, experience crystal clear audio conversations, whether you’re talking with another person or a group; or you can also use the handset that provides high quality, full duplex communication, minus any echoes or unwanted feedbacks, great for private conversations. The Polycom CX200 has an automatic audio gain control and dynamic noise reduction, giving it an excellent audio enhancement feature. Also, its hands free communication capability spares you from having to wear a headset, making conversations more natural and personal

    The Polycom CX200 front panel features a simple multi coloured LED display indicators that inform you of the current call status, such as an incoming call waiting, an incoming message waiting to be opened, an off hook indicator, or even a call forward call status. It also has simple buttons that you can use to easily adjust voice volumes or to mute the speakerphone. This way, you don’t have to frequently make mouse clicks on your computer screen, and pay more attention to the actual conversation

    The Polycom CX200 can be plugged directly in to your computer through the USB port. It can automatically integrate with Microsoft Office Communicator 2007, and is fully compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. You don’t need to install anything or download any software in order to use the Polycom CX200. That’s because it is a Plug-n-Play device, meaning, you plug it in and it’s all set to use. Aside from this, the Polycom CX200 is powered from the computer USB port when it is plugged in, making it lightweight because there are no batteries inside, plus you don’t need to carry a charger with it. It also comes with a USB cord when purchased

    Given the ease of use and quality of the audio fidelity, the Polycom CX200 is a great choice in the corporate world for conferencing and other major IP phone application. In the globally connected world that heavily relies on the internet to carry information, the Polycom CX200 is an excellent choice as a communication device, bringing in more productivity hours without the complexities

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More Information
Warranty 12 Months Warranty
Connectivity USB
Main LCD None
Power Options USB
HD Voice No
Speakerphone Yes
Headset Interface RJ-9
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