Plantronics-HL10 Handset Lifter

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Plantronics-HL10 Handset Lifter

Among the huge variety of handset lifter, Plantronics-HL 10 Lifter is considered the best. This amazing handset has excellent qualities and versatile features. It enables you to pick up the phone, answer it and end with the help of a single touch. Its discreet and stylish design makes it exclusive and different than other handsets available on different stores. The main features of the product are discussed below:

The handset automatically lifts up the phone from the cradle to answer the call, and returns it back to the cradle

This particular handset can be attached with various other devices and systems. These systems and devices mainly include the CS10 and CA10 headset systems. It is also compatible with the corded systems which include the S20 and A20 headset systems. It also works with the Plantronics voyager 510S and Plantonics SupraPlus Wireless. Many other Plantronics headsets can be connected with this excellent device in order to get a better and a convenient call set up. The voice quality with all the headset systems is excellent and undeniable

It automatically answers or ends the calls on your cordless phone system, thus providing an ease to you when you do not feel like getting up and pick up the receiver. It gives you an easy choice if you want to pick up your call or not. You do not have to miss any call whenever you are not around; because it gives a notification of all the calls

There is a feature of remote ring detection as well

This excellent handset does not require much space on your desktop. It is just 4 ×2.9×1.7 inches and does not cover up much space of your desktop

With a single touch of a button, this device picks up the receiver from the cradle and put it back on the cradle when the call is finished. It means you do not have to be exactly at the pace where your phone is placed. You can freely roam around your office area as your handset will notify you about the call

The versatile design of the handset makes your desktop look more stylish and nice. Its different and sophisticated style makes it unique among all the handsets used for the desktops

The total weight of the product is 5.6 ounces. This handset can be purchased with a 1 year warranty from the online retailer stores

If you are excited to read the product details of this extraordinarily beneficial Plantronics-HL 10 handset lifter, then place its order right now! Find it on the online marketing sites and get one for your office desktop right now! It provides you a great deal of reliability and comfort ability. With a unique style and a discreet outlook, enhance the outlook of your office and enjoy cordless conversations with the help of this excellent HL 10 handset lifter

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