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Mitel (Aastra)-536M / M670i Expansion Module

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Quick Overview

The Mitel (Aastra) M670i expansion module will increase the power and flexibility of any 67xi IP phones. As many as three modules can used together with either the Mitel (Aastra) 6753i, Mitel (Aastra) 6755i or Mitel (Aastra) 6757i IP phones to create a powerful, feature rich console option

The Mitel (Aastra) M670i expansion modules share power and signaling with the phone, eliminating the need for additional wiring. The Mitel (Aastra) M670i has been designed for receptionists, call center agents, administrative assistants, power users, and executives who need to monitor and manage large numbers of calls on a regular basis, the Mitel (Aastra) M670i Expansion Modules provide an intelligent choice for all Enterprise IP environments

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Mitel (Aastra) M670i Expansion Module Datasheet

Mitel (Aastra)-536M / M670i Expansion Module

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    The Mitel (Aastra) M670i Expansion Module includes the following features:

    Up to 9 call appearance lines over the phone and expansion modules
    Shared Call and Bridged Line Appearances (SCA & BLA)
    Busy Lamp Field (BLF) - maximum of 50 BLF per phone
    Programmable Speed dials
    Custom XML feature key support
    Call park and pickup
    Callers log
    Do Not Disturb
    Flash features

    For users that need to have control over a large number of calls on a regular basis, the Mitel (Aastra) 536M is the right fit. Designed for heavy users like call center agents, receptionists, business executives and administrative assistants, adding Mitel (Aastra) 536M expansion modules to the existing 67xi IP phones presents a more practical approach than adding more IP phone sets

    Specifically, the Mitel (Aastra) 536M is intended to work alongside the Mitel (Aastra) 6753i, Mitel (Aastra) 6757i or the Mitel (Aastra) 6755i IP phones. Instead of having several IP phones on the office table, up to three Mitel (Aastra) 536M can be incorporated to a single IP phone unit. At this point, you can already save on wiring cost and the need for more power outlets. That’s because each Mitel (Aastra) 536M expansion module draws power from the IP phone itself, eliminating the need for a separate power supply. Furthermore, each expansion module gets its signal from the same IP phone. This creates a more neat and organised office table, without seeing so many wires running around and down the table

    Given this amazing setup, you would well imagine the power and flexibility that lies within it. Each Mitel (Aastra) 536M can be programmed for different control features. This includes speed dialing, call pickup, call parking, contact directory, individual callers’ log, flash features and the “Do Not Disturb” feature. Up to nine call appearance lines can be distributed across the IP phone the the Mitel (Aastra) 536M expansion modules. Also, a total of 50 BLF (Busy Lamp Field) is available. You can even configure each module with a power saving feature that allows it to be in automatic mode, always on or always off

    Aside from placing it side by side the IP Phone on the office table, the Mitel (Aastra) 536M expansion module can also be mounted on the wall using mountings and screws that are already provided in the package. It also comes with an adjustable foot stand so users can control it according to what’s most comfortable for them. Configuration of the Mitel (Aastra) 536M is made simple via the WebUI option. You can also use the configuration file that exists on the phone as well

    The Mitel (Aastra) 536M is suitable for the growing and ever expanding enterprise. That’s because you can add modules as the need arises. The flexibility and power controls that comes with each expansion module is truly remarkable, ensuring maximised productivity and efficiency on the part of the user

Additional Information

Warranty 12 Months Warranty
Colour BLACK
Display No
Number Of Programmable Keys No
Connectivity No
Ethernet Port Speed No
Number Of Ethernet Ports No
Ethernet Cable Included Yes
Powered Via Phone
AC PSU Included No

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