Grandstream-UCM6202 IP PBX System


The Grandstream-UCM6202 IP PBX System supports Up to 30 Concurrent Calls

The Grandstream UCM6202 is an open source, license free SMB IP PBX appliance for delivering secure and reliable voice, video, data and mobility apps. Powered by an advanced hardware platform based on Asterisk, the Grandstream UCM6202 helps smaller organisations to affordably use VoIP to increase productivity, provide better customer service, unify communications on a single platform and save money on communications costs. Open source systems ensure compliancy to SIP-based protocols meaning the IP PBX can work with a range of desktop SIP endpoints (IP phones, video cameras, etc.) as well as popular service providers, SIP trunk providers and other SIP hardware. Open source solutions also provide flexibility to easily develop and customise applications to fit business integration, interoperability and communications needs

Many of the VoIP systems available include the most important and sought after features like IVR, auto attendant, call reporting, etc., but have been designed and priced for larger organisations with heavier call volume needs. These larger systems most often require additional licensing fees on top of the initial purchase price for features like IVR and auto attendant. Recurring fees are not to be ignored either. In an effort to aid the transition of SMBs to VoIP services, Grandstream has developed an SMB-targeted, feature-rich, affordable IP PBX for organizations wanting an on-premise solution. It’s easy-to-install, maintain and requires no yearly operating expenses for additional licensing or recurring fees. When the system is purchased, all the vast inherent features and applications are available and ready to be used to help achieve business goals.

A standalone Asterisk Open Source IP PBX appliance that supports up to 300 users, 500 extensions and 60 concurrent calls
Two (2) year manufacturer warranty
No licensing/recurring fees for features like IVR, call routing etc
Free lifetime firmware updates
Auto discovery and registration of SIP endpoints (phones, cameras etc.)
Zero configuration provisioning via the intuitive Web UI
Remote maintenance and administration
Broad SIP interoperability with popular service providers, SIP trunk providers and other SIP hardware, including GXP IP Phones and GXV IP Multimedia Phones and Video Cameras
Two FXO ports
Two (2) analog FXS ports (with lifeline capability in case of power outages)
Up to 50 SIP Trunk Options
Gigabit Ethernet Ports(s) with integrated PoE, USB, SD
4 Gigabit Flash Memory
Integrated NAT Router with QoS (6202 model only)
Line echo cancellation
Multi-language support
Advanced security protection to safeguard account and encrypt calls - built in firewall, with SRTP/TLS encryption, 802.1X network security and HTTPS Web UI

The voice features of the Grandstream UCM6202 includes:

Call Routing
Auto Attendant
Call Forwarding
Call Retrieval
Music on Hold
Call Transfer
Ring Group/Hunt Group
3-way conferencing (5 conference bridges available which each bridge supporting up to 32 attendees per bridge)
Call Queue
Call Recording – Calls are saved onto internal memory and can be accessed, played and downloaded remotely from Web UI
Call Park
Message Waiting Indication (MWI)
Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
Click to Dial
Multi-Language Support
Call Hold
Do Not Disturb (DND)
Remote extension dialing
More Information
Concurrent Calls Up to 30
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