Gigaset-N300A IP Dect Base Station + Answerphone

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The Gigaset-N300A IP Dect Base Station + Answerphone comes with an AC power supply

The Gigaset-N300A IP Dect Base Station + Answerphone has an Answering Machine

The Gigaset-N300A IP Dect Base Station + Answerphone supports 4 (1 landline + 3 VoIP) Concurrent Calls

Gigaset-N300A IP Dect Base Station + Answerphone Datasheet

    The Gigaset N300A IP Dect Base Station and Answerphone includes the following features:

    Answering machine; 30 minutes of recording time
    Multi-line for up to 6 handsets
    Up to 6 VoIP accounts
    Free calls between Gigaset VoIP phones
    Email reader
    Dates and times of messages announced by voice
    New message notification
    Remote playback of messages
    Telephone call recording function

    The Gigaset N300A IP DECT Base station brings communication to new heights. One can attend and record parallel calls with an exceptional sound quality and the online features make this base station one of the best in the market

    The Gigaset N300A IP is a hybrid DECT IP base station that is very easy to install and configure. You can use the Gigaset N300A IP for both landline and VoIP calls; the answering machine makes it a perfect phone for small businesses. With the Gigaset N300A IP DECT Base Station, you can receive four calls at a time and can connect up to six different lines. The base station can also register with six different handsets at one time

    The answering machine, with a 30 minutes record time, ensures that all your messages are received and recorded. The HDSP sound quality makes landline and internet calls sound like face to face conversations

    Thanks to the ECO DECT technology of Gigaset, the Gigaset N300A IP is environmentally friendly. Depending on the range of the handsets, the Gigaset N300A IP decreases and increases the transmitting power. It consumes the least electricity, saves you money and protects the environment

    With Gigaset N300A IP DECT, you don’t need separate phones for landline and VoIP as you can receive both landline and internet calls from the same base station at the same time. It can receive up to 4 (3 SIP + 1 PSTN) concurrent calls

    Gigaset N300A IP DECT also saves you time by reading the dates and times of messages whilst you listen to the messages. If you want to receive message notifications when you're out of the office you can configure the Gigaset N300A IP to send notifications to an external number whenever you receive messages

    You can also record phone calls whilst listening, so if someone is providing you with address details but speaking very fast, you can record the call and listen to it afterwards, instead of writing while the caller speaks

    From, you can also make free calls to other Gigaset VoIP phones. These calls do not require any monthly or yearly charges; Gigaset to Gigaset calls are absolutely free. For extended range you can connect it to as many as 6 Gigaset DECT Repeaters

More Information
Warranty 12 Months Warranty
Connectivity Ethernet (RJ-45)
Ethernet Port Speed 10/100 Mbps
Number Of Ethernet Ports 1
Power Options AC Only
AC PSU Included Yes
SIP Accounts 6
Concurrent Calls 4 (1 landline + 3 VoIP)
Number of Handsets Up to 6
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