The snom 821 phone combines high class telephony with an extraordinary design. It combines elegance and performance, utilising the latest technologies with well known snom phone features. With its high-resolution TFT colour display the Snom 821 offers a brilliant depiction of call lists, phone directories, and caller information via the integrated XML browser. The wideband technology used in the handset makes the user feel as if the caller were in the same room. On speakerphone a Class D amplifier reliably suppresses interference noise.

The Snom 821 Phone. Designed for different environments

The snom 821 offers flexibility and productivity ideal for the modern office environment.  The Snom 821 comes ready to be used with a Wi-fi adapter through the USB connector on the phone, together with a wide range of functions particularly relevant to the business world. For example, 5 way conferencing, multiple ring tones, and up to twelve different SIP identities.

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