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The Snom 720

The Snom 720, with a 4 line black and white display, has been developed for the professional environment with the objective of contacting a number of clients with complete ease. The Snom 720 is the ideal IP phone for anybody that needs a simple and efficient device but also guarantees the highest levels of quality and performance when needed.

The audio quality of the Snom 720 reaches the highest level of wideband audio and includes the codec G.722. The Snom 720 also has a specially designed receiver for answering calls easily which also has the ability of eliminating background noise in the office. Like with the Snom 8xx series, the Snom 720 has a robust, resistant and adjustable stand with two positions that allow you to place the phone in a semi vertical (55 degrees) or horizontal (33 degrees) position, also, the Snom 720 can be easily mounted on the wall.

To allow network connectivity, the Snom 720 has 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, one of which is capable for use with Power over Ethernet. The Ethernet ports are connected to an internal communicator that allows VLANs, so that an external computer can reside on a different VLAN than the telephone.  In order to increase the functionalities of the Snom 720 you can utilise the type A USB connector. Also the USB connector allows you to use USB devices such as WIFI dongles and Bluetooth headsets (dongle required).

With 18 programmable keys and 4 soft keys, the Snom 720 is the ideal phone for controlling and contacting with large groups with the push of a single button. All the programmable keys have a LED indicating light with 2 colours, therefore you can check the status of every extension. The configuration of the buttons is very simple and you can accomplish this through the web interface of the telephone.

The Snom 720, like all of the Snom phones, is equipped with voice encryption by TLS and SRTP that guarantees the maximum levels of security within professional communication.



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