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SNOM Unveil Two New IP Phones!

Recently SNOM have unveiled their two new IP phones which are the SNOM 720 and the SNOM 760. These phones are the latest in SNOM's 7xx range which are mainly designed for small and medium sized businesses on an SMB budget. Due to the popularity of the SNOM 3xx series, the SNOM 720 and SNOM 760 have adopted some of the features of the SNOM 3xx’s for example the multiple programmable buttons which were a very popular feature of that series.

Both the phones offer WLAN connectivity but; also offer Gigabit Ethernet compatibility. Due to this the SNOM 720 and SNOM 760 can transfer data without affecting the performance of the network. As the SNOM 720 and SNOM 760 have great connectivity options, you can get the most out of the SNOM’s wideband high definition voice quality. In addition both the SNOM 720 and SNOM 760 offer USB ports for additional connectivity choices.

The SNOM 720 and SNOM 760 both have high resolution colour screens. These screens produce extremely clear and vivid colours which gives the SNOM 720 and SNOM 760 a more vibrant feel. The SNOM 720 and SNOM 760 have an easy to use GUI which has a number of menus and features. Both of the SNOM’s can support up to 1,000 entries into the address book, they have a number of ringtones to select from, they support URL dialling and speed dialling.

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