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SNOM 870 Features

I have just installed our first SNOM 870 and I am trying to impress myself with it's new features.

The larger TFT display is superb.  This is a wasted tool if all it will be used for is to display inbound/outbound caller information, menu items and contact lists.  It's got to be used for much more in order to impress and justify the cost of this device.

So far, I have worked out how to set the idle screen to display our company logo, which I like a lot!  This could also be used to display any image that represents someone's particular interest or affiliation.  A Manchester United or Chelsea logo perhaps or a picture of your children or pets.

For people with XML development skills I am sure the possibilities are endless.

It should be reasonably easy to display the contents broadcast by your CCTV/Web Camera on the idle screen or configured as a virtual extension.

Future posts will include additional examples of the use of this display and it's use of XML.  In particular on how to use your phone to manage  a door entry system, displaying who's at the door and remotely opening the locked door!

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