Snom 710 Now Available at InternetVoipPhone!

The Snom 710 is Snom's new budget VoIP phone. The Snom 300 used to be the cheapest phone in the Snom range but the Snom 710 is cheaper and is more upto date. The Snom 710 is in Snom's 7xx range along with the Snom 720 and 760 which were released last year; the Snom 710 doesn't have as many features as the Snom 720 and 760 but has all the features a good VoIP phone needs.

The Snom 710 supports upto 4 SIP accounts and is POE (power Over Ethernet) just like the Snom 300. However the Snom 710 looks much better and has a better display with 4 lines.

The Snom 710 is a great entry level IP phone and is very easy to use. The Snom 710 would be ideal for large offices and call centres which need a cheap VoIP solution.