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Set DTMF Payload to 101 Polycom

In order to set the DTMF Payload to 101 on the Polycom phones such as the Polycom IP 331, there are two viable options:

  1. Install the last software to use payload 101 as default (3.1.3C)
  2. Use a provisioning server to implement a configuration which forces the phone to use payload 101.

The 3.1.3C software can be downloaded from here:

Click Here

Scroll down approximately 4/5 of the page until you find the 3.1.3C split software:

To implement a local provisioning server, the following FTP walkthrough can be used. Of course, you do not need to upgrade the software but it might be useful to get the customer on 4.0.5C as the web interface capabilities are much improved. Otherwise, it can just be used as a repository for your configuration files. Attached is a file called MAC.cfg – just rename it with the MAC of the phones in question or use 000000000000.cfg if you have too many. The file contains the necessary parameter to force DTMF payload 101:

First create a new directory on the computer which will host the FTP server. This is the directory where we will later put the IP331 software.

Next grab the Filezilla FTP server software from here:


Go ahead and install by selecting all the default options presented.

Once installed start the Filezilla Server and then the Filezilla Interface from the Start menu. You should be presented with the following screen:


We can now create an account as follows:

Press the user account button:


This screen should appear:


Via the Add button create a new account – call it 335 (as this will be the software version we will try first). Make sure the password is left blank – there will be no password.

Now Click on Shared folders in the left hand menu:


Click on Add and select the directory you created earlier. Make sure you tick all the boxes under Files and Directories – it isn’t the most secure, but this is for internal use only and it will reduce the chance of any possible connection issues.

Now click OK. The server is now ready.

Navigate here and retrieve the 3.3.5 software for the Polycom IP331:

Click Here

Place it in the directory you created earlier and unpack it, The files must be in the root of the directory and not a subfolder. If successful, you should see something like:


That should be it for the server. Please also ensure the Windows firewall is switched off or both the server and the interface programs have exceptions. Switching the firewall off entirely reduces the chances of connectivity problems.

Follow the steps below on the IP331 to point it to your FTP server. Interrupt the boot countdown, then:

1.            Setup

2.            Password: 456

3.            DHCP Menu

a.            Boot Server = Static

c.            BootSrv Type = IP Address

4.            Server Menu

5.            Server Type = FTP

6.            Server Address = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (IP of the PC hosting the FTP server)

7.            Server User: 335

8.            Server Password: (blank)

9.            Exit, Exit – Save Changes and Reboot ...


The IP331 should now reach out to the FTP server, retrieve the software and upgrade. You should see activity on the FTP Interface as data is transferred.

The various software releases can be found here:

Click Here

If you are upgrading from 3.3.x to 4.x.x software stream, you will need additional upgrader software which can be retrieved from here:

Click Here

Likewise, if you are downgrading from 4.x.x to 3.x.x you will require additional downgrader software which can be retrieved from here:

Click Here

In order to downgrade / upgrade unpack the downgrade/upgrade software into the same directory which already contains the target software. Point the phone to the directory as per the guide above and the phone should retrieve the new BootROM and proceed with the downgrade / upgrade.

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