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Powering ShoreTel Phones With No Power Over Ethernet

If you do not have a power over Ethernet (PoE) switch at your company, you’ll need to find an alternative way to power your ShoreTel IP Phones. To make matters worse, ShoreTel 230 phones do not include a spot for a DC power supply, as they generally plan on you deploying with PoE switches.

There is a way around this for deployments that do not use 802.3af power. You can deploy what are called power injectors to add the necessary electricity to your data line. Power injectors are effectively one port switches that receive your data line from the switch in the in port and send out the same data along with 802.3af class power through the out port. When this power is received by your phone, it is not able to boot and behave as if it received the power from a much more expensive PoE switch.

The good news is this does not interfere with your PC that is collocated on your ShoreTel ‘s integrated Ethernet switch. As the power injector sends the same class PoE as the switch would, no interference is caused with the data.

To decide which power injector is right for your system, you’ll have to determine if your phone is Gigabit or 100 Megabit. Gigabit ShoreTel phones generally have a G at the end of the part number such as the ShoreTel 230G or ShoreTel 565G. These Gigabit phones require a PowerDsine Gigabit Injector such as the PD-3001/GC.

Traditional ShoreTel phones such as the ShoreTel 230 can use the more affordable PowerDsine PD-3001/AC power injector. The PD-3001/AC can maintain 10/100 Megabit wirespeeds while delivering power over Ethernet.

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