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Polycom Happy to Supply the Demand for Microsoft Lync

Due to the increase of sales of Microsoft Lync enabled at www.internetvoipphone.co.uk; we have realised that Microsoft Lync is a topic in need of discussion. Due to this we have released this article.

As all telephony fans know Microsoft Lync is the way forward. Polycom have acknowledged this and have produced phones that take advantage of the brilliant features Microsoft Lync has to offer. The Polycom-CX600 is one of the best VoIP phones in Polycom’s range. As it is compatible with Microsoft Lync it has a number of features you would not get on an ordinary VoIP phone such as: Instant Messaging, Web Conferencing and Communication with Microsoft Office Products. In addition; Microsoft Lync has the ability to communicate with all your other gadgets such as your mobile phone and laptop which means you can access your data wherever, whenever.

The Polycom-CX600 has a number of features to enhance the usability of the device. An example of the is the large, high resolution, coloured display; this feature makes the Polycom-CX600 incredibly easy to use as all the menus and sub-menus have an amazing amount of space and a comfortable layout. Another feature of the Polycom-CX600 which makes it stand out is the amazing voice quality, whether that is through handset or headset, this is due to the brilliant Polycom HD voice technology. Moreover; the Polycom-CX600 has two different modes you can use which are Basic mode and Enhanced mode. Basic mode is very simple to use and is ideal for users who do not have a large amount of experience with VoIP phones the features of this are: Contacts Directory, Photos, Teleworker support and Message Waiting. Enhanced mode is for users that are confident with how VoIP phones work and can use advanced features of VoIP phones the features of this are: All of those in Basic mode, Calendar view, Join Conference feature, Individual Voice Mail and the ability to connect to other devices via the USB interface.

• Large color display to view call, directory and presence information

• Polycom HD Voice™

• USB port for optional "Better Together" capabilities

• Two-port Gigabit Ethernet switch for PC pass-through

I took one of these phones home to test and I realised what a great phone this was. I tested out all the Microsoft Lync features by connecting it up to my Lync server. All the features worked incredibly well and better than I imagined; the features are easy to use such as the IM ability as I was able to send messages to my PC straight from the Polycom CX-600. In my opinion the Polycom-CX600 is a very good looking phone and I’d be happy to have it sit on my desk!

Polycom are one of the leaders in the production of VoIP telephones. They strive to get high quality and efficiency out of their products. Polycom was founded in 1990 in the United States by Brian L Hinman and Jefferey Rodman. Polycom was one of the first companies to make use of the session initiation protocol (SIP); due to SIP being the future of communications, Polycom’s products were very advanced; this has made Polycom one of the world’s leading VoIP phone suppliers.

Polycom CX600

The Polycom-CX600 is on sale now at a number of competitive prices; www.internetvoipphone.co.uk has some of the best prices for the Polycom-CX600, prices can be reduced if bought in bulk amounts.

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