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  1. Our New Facebook Store

    InternetVoipPhone have now expander our store to Facebook. If you go to our Facebook page you can now buy products directly from Facebook.
  2. DECT Roaming

    DECT Roaming is where you have a number of DECT Base stations which connect to each other; this allows you to use your DECT phone across a large area. This is achieved by your DECT phone changing base stations when you move around the area and this will not interrupt any calls you are on at the time. Continue reading →
  3. Gigaset Launch N720 DECT IP Multicell System

    The Gigaset N720 DECT IP Multicell System is the latest piece of tech in Gigaset’s range and has not yet been released in the UK. The Gigaset N720 Multicell System contains to parts which are the Gigaset N720 IP PRO which is the base station and the Gigaset N720 DM PRO which is the DECT manager Continue reading →
  4. Skype Hype

    The Grandstream GXV3140 is one of the best IP phones for multimedia purposes. It comes with a number of features to make it the best on the market for multimedia such as: a web browser which allows you to go on Youtube so you can stream videos and music. Also; the Grandstream GXV3140 has a 4.3” TFT colour LCD screen so you can display images perfectly Continue reading →
  5. Polycom Happy to Supply the Demand for Microsoft Lync

    Due to the increase of sales of Microsoft Lync enabled at; we have realised that Microsoft Lync is a topic in need of discussion. Due to this we have released this article. As all telephony fans know Microsoft Lync is the way forward. Polycom have acknowledged this and have produced phones that take advantage of the brilliant features Microsoft Lync has to offer. The Polycom-CX600 is one of the best VoIP phones in Polycom’s range. Continue reading →
  6. Snom 720 Has Arrived

    The Snom 720 is ideal for people who entail great audio quality and a number of programmable keys as the Snom 720 has 18! The Snom 720 is one of the most modern IP phones on the market as it combines innovative hardware with Snom’s reliable SIP software. The Snom 720 is one of the best IP phones in its...
  7. InternetVoipPhone extend their reach

      InternetVoipPhone have been working hard and are now able to supply to customers in Europe and the US. can now support different currencies; the website now supports the EURO for our European customers and the US Dollar for our American clients.
  8. InternetVoipPhone add VXi Headsets to their product portfolio

    InternetVoipPhone have recently started selling VXi headsets, great effort has been made to ensure that only compatible headsets and disconnect cords as suggested alongside compatible phones. VXi are a manufacturing company which produce a number of different types of headsets which come with a number of different features for example Continue reading →
  9. InternetVoipPhone become a PORTech UK Distributor

    PORTech is a manufacturer, supplier and developer of VoIP GSM Gateways. VoIP GSM Gateways are devices which allow SIP phones to make calls via a SIM Card; the advantage of this is that you can make cheap calls to mobiles Continue reading →
  10. New Yealink 24 month Warranty

    InternetVoIPPhone have started providing a 2 year warranty (24 months) on all Yealink products. We believe emphasises the durability and strength of the Yealink range. This should also give reassurance that you are buying a good quality product becaue we are so confident that the Yealink devices will not fail; we will replace it, if it does! Continue reading →

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