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  1. Cisco SPA 50xG in S.O.S Recovery Mode

    When firmware is not successfully updated on a Cisco 50xG phone, the phone could enter into a unusable state called S.O.S Recovery mode, this usually occurs when power is lost during a firmware upgrade. Continue reading →
  2. How to Restore Aastra Phone in Web Recovery Mode

    If your Aastra phone is in Web Recovery Mode this is the way to recover it: Continue reading →
  3. How To Setup SIP Settings UniData WPU 7800G

    The SIP settings can be found by pressing: Menu - Settings - Admin Settings (9) You will now be prompted for a password Continue reading →
  4. How To Find IP Address of Grandstream GXP 1100/1105

    Finding out what the IP address is of a Grandstream GXP 1100/1105 phone in order to access the web gui to manage the phone, can be a little bit of a challenge given that they do not have a display Continue reading →
  5. How to Set up Daisy Chaining On RTX Repeater

    If you have not registered your RTX Repeater with a base station yet take a look at this blog article first before following any of these steps *We would suggest numbering your RTX Repeaters before setting up daisy chaining so that you know which RTX Repeater is associated with which number you have set in registration Insert the disc supplied in the RTX Programming Kit First of all you will need to install the drivers for the USB adapter Continue reading →
  6. How to Set up RTX 4002 Repeater With a Gigaset Base Station

    It is important to read all the instructions thoroughly before beginning set up. *Please do not plug in the RTX Repeater until instructed If you make a mistake you will need to reset the RTX Repeater, please follow these instructions: Continue reading →
  7. Brand New Snom 710

    Snom 710 Now Available at InternetVoipPhone! The Snom 710 is Snom's new budget VoIP phone. The Snom 300 used to be the cheapest phone in the Snom range but the Snom 710 is cheaper and is more upto date. Continue reading →
  8. Mairdi Headsets

    Due to popular demand we have started to sell headsets for phones. We sell a number of brand such as Plantronics, Sennheiser and Jabra; but we also sell one of the less known brands of headsets, Mairdi. Mairdi are a chinese company which use injection moulding to creat high quality headsets. Mairdi headsets can compete with the bigger brands in terms of product quality but can destroy the big brands in price. Mairdi headsets can be as much as 50% cheaper than Plantronics, Sennheiser and Jabra wired headsets. Continue reading →
  9. Reduced Prices on Snom 870

    For a limited time only Snom 870 are at a special reduced price! We are reducing our prices on the Snom 870 from £207 to £150 Continue reading →
  10. Get in Sync with Microsoft Lync, with

    Check out our latest Article on Microsoft Lync just click on the link following ------> Get in Sync with Microsoft Lync, with

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