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How to Set up Daisy Chaining On RTX Repeater

If you have not registered your RTX Repeater with a base station yet take a look at this blog article first before following any of these steps

*We would suggest numbering your RTX Repeaters before setting up daisy chaining so that you know which RTX Repeater is associated with which number you have set in registration

Insert the disc supplied in the RTX Programming Kit

First of all you will need to install the drivers for the USB adapter

You do this by running the CP2101_Drivers.exe on the disc; this will extract files to a folder called 'C:\Cygnal\' by default

Once the files have been extracted to this location please run C:\Cygnal\CP2101\WIN\setup.exe (If using Windows) this will extract the driver files

You may then need to go into device manager to install the drivers manually and point in to C:\Cygnal\CP2101\WIN\

Once the driver for the USB adapter has been installed you will need to install the WRS4002CFG Application

Once the application has been installed you will need to connect the first Registered RTX Repeater to the computer

<b>RTX Repeater</b> PC Set Up

Once you have connected the RTX Repeater to the computer you will need to load the WRS4002CFG application

The program should look like this; you will need to select the COM port of the USB adapter, you can find this in device manager (COM1, COM2, ETC)

How it should look

When you hit 'Load' the information from the Base station that the RTX Repeater is registered with, will be displayed in the NETWORK DEVICE section, the information of the RTX Repeater will be loaded in the REPEATER SECTION

Copy the REPEATER RFPI and paste it somewhere for later; this will be used program the RTX Repeater you want to daisy chain

Repeater Program

Uncheck the 'Ignore HOP control' and 'Monitor beep' and hit 'Save', then disconnect the RTX Repeater from the Computer. Quit the WRS4002CFG application

Connect the next RTX Repeater that you want to be daisy chained to the computer

Restart the WRS4002CFG application

Once the WRS4002CFG application has restarted hit 'Load'

You will then need to paste the RFPI of the base station that we copied earlier, into the NETWORK DEVICE RFPI field; TAB off this field and the PARK and RPN number will change automatically

You will then need to tick the 'Ignore HOP control' and untick 'Monitor beep', then hit 'Save'

You will then need to register this Repeater using the previous  Registration Blog

*If Repeaters don’t have a stable light when turned on they will need to be Reset and the above procedure completed again

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