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How to Restore Aastra Phone in Web Recovery Mode

If your Aastra phone is in Web Recovery Mode this is the way to recover it:

1. Disconnect the Aastra phone from all power sources

2. Then Plug the power back in and press and hold the 1 + # keys together until the Aastra phone displays an IP address

3. Once you see the IP address, connect to the phone via the web interface by typing the IP address into a web browser on a PC which is on the same subnet as the Aastra phone

4. Now you will need to install a TFTP server on to your PC we suggest this

5. You will also need to download these firmware files

6. Once you have downloaded the files you will need to extract the firmware file for your Aastra phone and place it in the TFTP Server Root Directory (which is specified in the TFTP Server Program)

7. On the web interface of your Aastra phone you will need to enter the IP address of your TFTP server (your PC) and you will have to enter the file name of the firmware file that you placed in the root directory of the TFTP server

8. Click Download Firmware

9. Once the firmware has installed the Aastra phone should boot normally

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