Hot desking is the concept of logging onto a phone and your extension number following you

This is very effective when desks are not 'owner occupied'.  Examples of scenarios where you might find hot desking useful might include when staff work from multiple offices/homes or maybe you have shift workers like call centre staff

In order to achieve hot desking when using 3CX phone system you must be using 3CX V12 SP6 or above

Versions of 3CX above V12 SP6 include hot desking provisioning templates for Snom phones. 3CX customers with valid maintenance can apply updates and service packs or upgrade to newer versions for FREE

Secondly, your Snom phones need to be using firmware version or above. Snom firmware can be upgraded for FREE from Snom's Wiki
Assuming these two pre-requisites are in place, you can provision your phones for hot desking by visiting the 'Extensions' section within 3CX phone system console, double clicking your extension, on the 'phone provisioning' tab, select the 'Snom XXX HotDesk' model from the drop down list and apply.  You may need 'Reset & Reprovision' your phone from the 'Phones' section in order to reliably make this change

Your phone will now reboot

Each extension participating in hot desking must be provisioned in this way. If there are more users than phones, create extensions with the 'Snom XXX HotDesk' template and use made up MAC addresses


The third ‘Line’ key on your Snom phone will have been provisioned to be used to ‘Logoff All’

Once pressed all identities will be logged off and the Logon screen will be presented on the phone

The Logon process is also very straight forward, simple enter your extension number followed by ‘tick’

Accept the proxy URL that has been provisioned for you by pressing ‘tick’

Then enter your password and press ‘Tick’. Bear in mind you may need to toggle the keypad from numeric to text if your password contains letters

That’s it, your phone will receive it’s individual BLF key setup, name/logo as defined on the extension for this user within 3CX

Auto Logoff timer can be added if required by following the Snom Wiki seen here