How to access Gigaset Base Stations via web GUI eh N300IP, N300AIP, N510IP, DX800A (href links) 


Connect PC and Base station to the same switch (eg Broadband Router) From your PC conect to:


You can upgrade/change firmware from here

Flashing lights might mean upgrading firmware
5 - 10 min for FW update


If Lights on base constantly on then this suggest corrupt firmware, leave on for 24 hours, it will call home and download new FW and apply automatically


To perform Factory Reset
turn power off
turn on - hold button for about 25 secs


DX800A - To Enable Headset button

Hold down one of the programmable button for a few secs
A menu pops up choose headset to assign the headset selection function to this button


Admin password on Gigaset Pro devices is (All in lower case)