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Conferencing Facility On Snom 870 Not Working Properly After 3CX Provisioning

Some settings on Snom phones cannot be amended via the Web GUI

One example of this is the Conferencing settings

We use 3CX and by default it provisions the Snom phones (In this case Snom 870) to use it's own conferencing facility by setting the following on the phone:

conferencing1!: 70**16

I prefer the conferencing facility available on the Snom 870 as I like to drag and drop people in and out of a conference

The problem is that without having a Web Gui setting allowing you to unset a provisioned setting, resetting the phone is the only option


Stop 3CX from provisioning the conference facility on the Snom Phone


I found the setting within the 3CX Provisioning Template and changed then following:

<conferencing idx="1" perm="">%%param::DIALCODECONFGATEWAY%%*%%extension_number%%</conferencing>


<conferencing idx="1" perm=""></conferencing>


Manually Changing A Single Setting On A Snom Phone


Rather than reset the phone I managed to amend a single setting by following the guidance at this wiki:


In my case I wanted to change the setting conferencing1!: to an empty value

This was achieved by doing the following:

http://<ip address of phone>/dummy.htm?settings=save&=conferencing1=

Problem solved

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