We recently encountered a problem when a caller was explaining that when they made a call, the called handset was picking up the call but there was a 2-3 second delay before the caller heard the pickup and consequently the receiving party was left saying 'hello', 'hello', 'hello'..... before the caller heard any audio

The configuration was as follows:


Gigaset S810 Handset (although we believe that other handsets would suffer from the same issue)

Gigaset N510IP DECT Base Station



The DECT S810H handset was registered to the Gigaset N510IP which in turn was registered to a 3CX extension


After a little time, we discovered that this was a known bug fixed with the latest firmware for the Gigaset N510IP



NL - RoutIT: 2 - 3 seconds delay of audio path after call pickup


Automatic firmware update was failing, which turned out to be because 3CX has provisioned this URL but was not provisioning the firmware effectively with the following error 'Corrupt file'


The latest Gigaset N510IP firmware can be downloaded from here:



We attempted to update the firmware manually by entering the following path:




Into the 'User defined firmware file' field.  This also failed


We eventually managed to update the firmware by entering the following path:



Firmware Update

into the 'Data server' field


Problem solved