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3CXPhone for 3CX Phone System V12 For iPhone & Android With Push Notifications

This evaluation was carried out using 3CX Telephone System V12 SP4  (Available from 3CX) and 3CXPhone for 3CX Phone System V12 (Available via App Store)

This configuration improves the use of the 3CXPhone by enabling 'Push Notifications'

Make sure that you download the 3CXPhone for 3CX Phone System V12 as the previous version is also available which does not support 'Push Notifications'


Our initial tests were carried out on an iPhone using Vodafone as the network carrier.  We soon switched to EE after experiencing problems registering the 3CXPhone over 3G.  This turned out to be Vodafone blocking VoIP Ports.  Other VoIP apps like Facetime, Skype etc also did not work.  (As of this writing we are still negotiating with Vodafone to fix this issue, which we do expect to be resolved but is a bit of a gotcha)


In order to enable 'Push Notifications' on your 3CX server configure the following:

Settings - 3CX Phone - 'Enable Push Notifications'

Then add extensions that Push Notifications will be enabled for


We tested the app both on Wi-Fi and 3G

When using Wi-Fi, the app worked well.  When the app is running in the foreground or the background, an incoming call is received on the phone.  If the app is not running, a 'Push Notification' is received alerting you to answer, which in turn opens the 3CXPhone App

When using 3G, the app still works well but we did discover a slight shortcoming.  If the app is not running a 'Push Notification' is still received alerting you to answer, but when you attempt to answer, the speed at which the 3CX App starts and registers was longer than the timeout configured on our extension (30s) and we therefore missed the call.  Interestingly, when we attempted the same exercise when using 4G we managed to pick up call in time.  This does assume that you are quick to react upon receipt of a 'Push Notification' though

This scenario could be improved if you could configure the 3CXPhone to attempt 'Out of office' registration immediately rather than initially attempting 'In office' and timing out.  Having queried this with 3CX we found that this was not possible.  The alternative would be to increase the extension timeout to allow more time for the phone to register.

In reality 'Push Notifications' are a valuable improvement.  If you are connected to Wi-Fi you can use your 3CXPhone as a phone extension without worrying about your phone going into standby and killing the app.  You will still need to respond to the 'Push Notification' immediately in order for the 3CXPhone app to open and register in time but this is perfectly possible whilst on Wi-Fi.

'Push Notifications' are still valuable when on 3G as you are alerted to an inbound call.  So even if you weren't able to collect the call in time, you could call the person back.

Our conclusion is that if you are a home worker connected to your Wi-Fi network, then 'Push Notifications' are a huge improvement so long as your reactions are quicker than your extension timeout period and could serve as a reasonable replacement to a PC based soft phone or IP Phone.  Whilst on 3G, your reactions would need to be lightning quick and you may need to extend the timeout period configured on your extension.

Overall we were really impressed

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