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3CX Phone Book Listing Internal Extensions Only

We recently came across an interesting issue with the 3CX Phone Book

Previously we had always used LDAP, directly from our phones (Snom), to query contacts listed within our Active Directory database

Whilst playing with 3CXPhone for Windows, we liked the fact that the names of people listed within the 3CX Phone Book popped on onscreen during the inbound call screen alert


We fully populated the address book with all our customers and suppliers and were able to provide better personal service to those inbound calls

We were curious as to why the same list of people were not available when using the DIR button on our Snom phones

After some testing and gaining a better understanding of the 3CX provisioning process we uncovered a small 'gotcha' with 3CX's implementation of their Address Book

We had added our 3CX contacts in the following format


As a result none of our contacts were visible via the phones DIR function key

When we changed the details to the following format:


All contacts were now visible

A very simply fix/workaround for what took a lot of troubleshooting effort

3CX agreed that this was not ideal and will hopefully address this in a future service pack

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