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  • Conferencing Facility On Snom 870 Not Working Properly After 3CX Provisioning

    Some settings on Snom phones cannot be amended via the Web GUI

    One example of this is the Conferencing settings

    We use 3CX and by default it provisions the Snom phones (In this case Snom 870) to use it's own conferencing facility by setting the following on the phone:

    conferencing1!: 70**16

    Continue Reading

  • How to transfer a call using BLF keys on a Snom 870

    BLF (Busy Lamp Field) keys are designed to monitor extensions

    For example a receptionist may have a phone with a number of physical or virtual (In the Snom 870’s case) keys that can be configured to light up when a specific extension is making or receiving a call, visually indicating at a glance whether an extension is busy or not Continue Reading

  • How to make a blind and attended transfer using Snom 821, 870

    It is very straightforward and simple to make transfers using the Snom 821 and Snom 870, and this tutorial will demonstrate how easy it actually is! Continue Reading

  • 3CX Phone Book Listing Internal Extensions Only

    We recently came across an interesting issue with the 3CX Phone Book

    Previously we had always used LDAP, directly from our phones (Snom), to query contacts listed within our Active Directory database Continue Reading

  • 3CXPhone for 3CX Phone System V12 For iPhone & Android With Push Notifications

    This evaluation was carried out using 3CX Telephone System V12 SP4  (Available from 3CX) and 3CXPhone for 3CX Phone System V12 (Available via App Store)

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  • Powering ShoreTel Phones With No Power Over Ethernet

    If you do not have a power over Ethernet (PoE) switch at your company, you’ll need to find an alternative way to power your ShoreTel IP Phones. To make matters worse, ShoreTel 230 phones do not include a spot for a DC power supply, as they generally plan on you deploying with PoE switches. Continue Reading

  • Set DTMF Payload to 101 Polycom

    In order to set the DTMF Payload to 101 on the Polycom phones such as the Polycom IP 331, there are two viable options:

    1. Install the last software to use payload 101 as default (3.1.3C)
    2. Use a provisioning server to implement a configuration which forces the phone to use payload 101.

    The 3.1.3C software can be downloaded from here: Continue Reading

  • How To Turn Off Beep RTX 4002

    The Verification Tone lets you know whether or not the mobile unit is working.

    You can hear this tone as long as you are connected to the repeater.
    By following the steps below you can turn off the verifcation tone:

    1. Switch off the unit (disconnect the power plug)
    2. Switch on for 1–5 seconds and switch it off again.
    3. Switch on again. The LED on the unit is flashing slowly, switch off again.
    4. Switch it on again. The verification tone is then activated or deactivated.

  • Gigaset Tips

    How to access Gigaset Base Stations via web GUI eh N300IP, N300AIP, N510IP, DX800A (href links) 


    Connect PC and Base station to the same switch (eg Broadband Router) From your PC conect to: http://gigaset-config.com

    Continue Reading

  • Recover Snom Phones 7/8 Series

    On occasion you may need to recover a Snom phones


    Examples of this might be when you have forgotten the admin password, the phone won't start properly, some phone settings are rendering the phone unusable


    To recover the phone, follow these steps:

    Continue Reading

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